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Volume 7, Number 2

The Accounting Historians Journal
Fall 1980
Volume 7, Number 2

The Birmingham Publishing Company
130 South 19th Street
Birmingham, Alabama 35233

Semiannual Publication of The Academy of Accounting Historians
Volume 7, Number 2 Fall, 1980


Feature Articles

Frederick Winslow Taylor’s Contributions to Cost Accounting — ROSITA S. CHEN AND SHENG-DER PAN
Public Accounting in 1929 — ALAN P. MAYER-SOMMER
Some Aspects of Auditing Evolution in Canada — GEORGE J. MURPHY

Historical Nuggets

The New York School Accounting – A Beginning — ELLIOTT L. SLOCUM AND ALFRED R. ROBERTS
Accounting in the Bible — ROBERT L. HAGERMAN

Book Reviews

The American Business Manual – FLESHER AND FLESHER
The Proper Distribution of Expense Burden – GILLESPIE
Accounting Education in the Universities of Australia and New Zealand – ZWICKER
John Raymond Wildman, 1878-1938 – HYLTON
A Study of Selected Contributions to Accounting Thought – HASSLER
The Great Canal that Linked Edinburgh Glasgow & London

Doctoral Research

Doctoral Dissertation Abstracts — Hitz, Acosta, Posey, Wunder,
Barsellotti, Schick, Lubell